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Oriana Music and Musical Hall proudly present the next chapter in series of re-mastered classic Nokturnal Mortum albums. "Lunar Poetry" is a legendary full-length demo record from 1996, which became the triumph of Ukrainian atmospheric pagan black metal. The perfect example of how important the memorable melodies can be in black metal, "Lunar Poetry" will take you on a journey to moonlit winter skies above the snow-covered forests, fields and steppes of the ancient land. Available as regular digibook and as collector’s box edition limited to 222 copies, both released under old Nokturnal Mortum logo. The latter one includes:
1) Exclusive "Lunar Poetry" A-5 digibook with deluxe booklet. Available in collector’s box only.
2) Exclusive t-shirt with image of Varggoth with candle from album’s photo session, available in collector’s box only.
3) 2-sided poster with album cover motive & image of Varggoth with candle from album’s photo session (93 cm х 63 cm).
4) Triptych backpatch with band name & old symbol.
5) Cardboard box with magnet lock, album cover art motive, silver hot foil old logo and album title.
Order your copy to feel the energy of then new-born Ukrainian black metal when it began to become what it is today!

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